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Dog Trainer's Class Toronto & GTA - Rated #1

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Dog Trainer

Instructors Class

Dog trainer Instructors Class serving Toronto, Ajax, Whitby, Brooklin, Pickering, Oshawa, Hamilton, Brampton & GTA. Toronto K9 Center offers a comprehensive three month dog trainers course. Our Toronto K9 Course provides the necessary tools that can prepare the student for a rewarding career in correct puppy foundation, as well as formal obedience and personal protection.

Students are encouraged to bring their own dogs or one can be provided for the duration of our course.

At Toronto K9 Center we strongly believe hands on experience is the vital key that is essential for a student to not only clearly grasp the concepts and confidently internalize them. Education is all about  confidently “doing”!

Toronto K9 Center strongly believes that hands on experience is of Paramount importance in order for the student to grasp clearly what is being taught to Man’s Best Friend!

Follow Paws to The Dog Trainer's Course supplied by


Dog Training Instructor's Puppy Foundation Course at

Puppy Foundation

Instructor Course


Walk with a loose Leash
To Come When Called
Drop it & Leave it
Learn to Heel
No Mouthing
No Jumping
No Biting
Dog Training Instructor's Puppy Foundation Course at

Our puppy foundation course, will empower you so that you can properly teach puppies to achieve tremendous milestones. Puppies are trained from an early age of eight weeks, common commands such as sitting,  no mouthing, no jumping, the heel position and so much more.

Dog Training Instructor's Obedience Course at

Toronto K9 Center’s formal obedience program is structured to impart to our students the correct use of equipment as well as the correct approach and attitude to impart confidence and control here.  Learning the difference from all types of training collars and their correct use is of utmost importance here. Students in this stage of training, learn the obedience commands until it becomes common nature.


Dog Training Instructor's Level II - Obedience Course at

Formal Obedience

Instructor Course


Teach: Stand & Come When Called
Learn: Different Types of Collars
Learn: Correct Use of Collars
Teach: Heel Command
Teach: Down & Stay
Teach: Sit & Stay


Dog Training Instructor's Level III - Personal Protection Course at

Personal Protection

Instructor Course


Evaluate & Identify Dogs Suitable for Training
Learn: Sport Dog vs Protection Training
Learn: Defense - Prey - Civil Work
Learn: To Control a Green Dog
Learn: How to Take & Slip Bites on Body Bite Suites
Learn: Use of Training Suits & Sleeves
Training Equipment: Supplied for Students
Dog Training Instructor's Personal Protection Course at

On the Personal Protection aspect of training students are taught and shown what to look for in a dog before they can be considered for Personal Protection training.  Students learn how to evaluate and select a dog for stability, temperament, social behavior and to identify dogs that possess the correct drive for this type of training. They also learn how to bring a young “green” dog out without sending it into avoidance.   

As well, students are taught the difference between sport dog training and personal protection training, as well as how to work a dog in both defense, prey and civil work.

Personal Protection training requires the use of sleeves and bite suits. Toronto K9 Center provides all the equipment needed for this stage of the training.  Students will learn the correct way of using this equipment, including sleeves and bite suits. They are taught how to present a sleeve to dog and how to take and slip bites on a body bite suit.

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