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Puppies for Sale in Toronto

9 Ready to go Home

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

9 Amazing Puppies for Sale

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale. 

Litter of 3 females and 6 males.

Only 6 Males and 1 Female Left

Puppies have been Dewormed x 3 and will be given their first set of shots.

Biosensor (ENS) Early Neurological Stimulation training completed from age 3 to 16 days.
Parents are family dogs. Both are fully trained obedience and personal protection dogs.  All the puppies have been socialized with young children and other dogs.  Take one home today. 

If interested…

Parents Obediance & Family Protection Trained

If interested Call or Message @


German Shepherd Puppies – What to expect from these beautiful dogs!

German Shepherd puppies are a bundle of energy, intelligence, and curiosity. From the moment they’re born, they embark on a rapid development journey, reaching various milestones along the way. Initially, they are entirely dependent on their mother, but soon, they begin to crawl, their eyes and ears open, and they start to explore their surroundings. As they grow, their socialization window opens, which is crucial for their development into well-adjusted adult dogs. During this period, exposure to different people and environments is essential. German Shepherds are known for their protective nature, so early socialization helps them distinguish between friendly strangers and potential threats.

Training should start early as these puppies are eager to learn and respond well to positive reinforcement. They thrive on mental and physical stimulation, so consistent training and exercise are crucial to preventing boredom and destructive behavior. With the proper care, Dog Training, and socialization by the Professional Dog Trainers at Toronto K9 Center, German Shepherd puppies grow into loyal, confident, and capable companions.

Toronto K9 Center Dog trainers are experts in training dogs of all ages. Get a puppy today!  Contact us to schedule your first Dog Obedience Training class with one of our Professional Dog Trainers. Private, Bootcamp, and Group Classes are available.

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