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Working Dogs

Working Dog training serving Toronto, Ajax, Whitby, Brooklin, Pickering, Oshawa, Hamilton, Brampton & GTA. Using dogs in a Working Dog role have always proven to be a great asset to any security firm, military, police agency or corporate executives. At Toronto K9 Center, the scope of canine training for guard dogs, executive protection dogs, military  or police, follow into our VIP dog portion of our training programs. If you require a canine capable solution, we offer a consultancy service to determine the need and design of your training requirements and specific solution.

Executive Dogs vs Guard Dogs

Roger Richards, the Director of Toronto K9 Center notes that too many people do not realize that guard dogs and personal protection dogs are two different animals. This leads many executives into buying the wrong type of dog for their protection. One must understand that protection dogs act quite different due to the fact that they are specifically trained, and raised very differently from guard dogs.

Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd


One can train almost any type of dog to be a guard dog, but when it comes to protection dogs, only a few breeds can actually be properly trained due to their required intelligence.  When one looks at the requirements of an executive protection dog, it needs to have the proper discipline, temperament and above all loyalty in its inherited genes.


Protection dog and guard dog training follow two completely different training guidelines.  Guard dogs are trained basically remain in a certain location and to alert the handler of any intruder, while at the same time reacting on their own and attacking any intruder that enters their zone and neutralizing the threat. Protection dogs on the other hand are trained with the utmost obedience and loyalty and will act upon your command. Lets not forget that there is a limit to a protection dog waiting for a command.  If the protection dog sees his owner under attack, they will react on their own and protect you at all costs to their own lives. Properly trained protection dogs are much less likely to attack or bite someone due to their specific obedience training. In comparison, guard dogs are always on the edge and ready to attack if their territory is breached.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd




With the proper selection of a protection dog by an experienced trainer, executive protection dogs not only protect you from kidnappings, carjacking and many other types of threats, but they can also be part of  your family. These dogs are trained to know that no one in your family is a threat. In fact it is more likely that your other family dog is more likely to bite a family member than a protection dog due to their training. As you can see a trained guard that is always sitting on the edge of the fence per say and ready to pounce is not the proper dog for protection.

Doberman dog lying in Yellow Flower Field


Executive protection dogs are a serious investment that are not only able to protect you at your office if need be or in your travels by air, car, or boat, but they can also be a loving family member that also protects your whole family.

Whether you are looking for a Guard dog or Executive protection dog, always seek professional help. Contact us and we will ensure that the dog we chose will meet all your requirements.



Personal Protection

We know that in todays corporate world taking your safety into consideration is the appropriate step. At Toronto K9 Center our unmatched experience in providing unparalleled training for both the executive and their chosen protection dog is our top priority. Having years of experience in supplying dogs for police forces and security corporations, you can be rest assured that you’ve come to the right place to ensure your safety.

We can accommodate the training either at your home, place of business or your preferred location to teach you how to properly control and have the respect and loyalty of a protection dog. If you have a family, some of the training should be performed at your home to help the dog integrate with your individual family members, pets and the environment. This type of training also teaches the family member that will be part of this dogs life, how they should behave and respond around their new highly trained protector.

Executive Dog Protection by
Woman with Loyal Doberman dog



Reliable – Obedient Dogs

Our dogs are hand selected and undergo an enormous amount of training, that is imprinted and based on real world situations. Our dogs are trained to your specific requirements, readying the dog to endow a sense of security to you whether you are at home, office or travelling abroad. 

Toronto K9 Center’s Executive Dogs are well trained, socialized, loyal, and unerringly obedient. They will not attack unless their owners are facing a threat or have commanded an attack. Some breeds are better than others when it comes to this type of training, since it requires strength, calmness, loyalty, a love of humans, and a highly developed intelligence.

Dogs trained to protect and attack are trained to bite on command, as well as to stop biting on command. Unfortunately, some dogs are not properly trained and instead end up inflicting fear and brutality on others. Of course, this creates a dog that is capable of attacking unsuspecting people or animals without warning or cause. Toronto K9 Center’s coursed and experienced trainer do not allow any dog to leave their training regiment with this type of behavior both under their handling or the executive owners’.

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Dogs – The Natural Weapon

There is no doubt that guard dogs act as effective deterrents to criminals. They say a dogs bark is worse than its bite, but even in this case, the dog will still provide a foreseeable threat of physical damage with their load growls, rigid jaws and sharp teeth and claws. Trained dogs are in top physical condition, look and sound quite intimidating, and can out run most anyone. Trying to outrun a trained security dog is futile, since the dog will awaken the dogs suspicions and increasing their aggression even more, causing them to run even faster. Guard dogs are trained to protect an area with a simple bark, attack intruders without supervision if on their own, or go to the extreme of killing on command.

Prison Guard with his security dog trained by
Working dog with his trainer at



Guard Dog – Security Levels

Guard dogs as we have mentioned before are working dogs and not pets. Guard dog Training at Toronto K9 Center can be classified into 3 categories of security depending on the person or agencies requirements.  These being Watch Dogs, Sentry Dogs and Attack Dogs.

Gold Number One used at

Watch Dogs

These dogs are usually larger breeds that have a deep threatening bark, are trained to watch for intruders and always sound the alarm when anyone approaches their premises.  Usually, a deep loud bark is a good enough deterrent to most intruders.

Gold number Two used by

Sentry Dogs

Or as many may call them security dogs are used to protect an area or perimeter of a business, warehouse or facility, whether it be a small area indoors or large area outdoors. These dogs roam around their area freely with any communication from their owner or handler. These dogs are specifically trained to attack if anyone crosses their path.

Gold number three used by

Attack Dogs

These dogs are trained to receive commands from their owner and are trained to attack on command or possibly even kill if instructed to do so by their owner or handler. Dogs like this are most often used by the military or police k-9 units. These dogs live with the handlers family and are very sociable and are a loving family member that can be trusted. 

There is however a specific level of Attack Dogs that can not and should not be used as pets.  These are dogs that live in a compound such as a Prison facility. Dogs in this category have one or two handlers, do not go outside the prison facility and are not very sociable. As stated earlier, dogs with this level of training can never be used as pets.

Working dog jumping off a rocky cliff trained by
Canadian and Trinidad & Tobago Flag used by

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